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Kim Le Sambolec

“Beauty is being comfortable and confident in your own skin – It’s time to show your glow!”

Kim Le Sambolec – Founder of Skin Wellness Academy

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Inner Peace for an Outer Glow

Welcome to Skin Wellness Academy – helping you heal from within, transform your skin and transform your life.

They say that beauty is skin-deep. But we believe there’s a lot more to it. Our skin reflects our physical and mental health – so beautiful skin means a healthier, happier you! That’s why our goal is to help you glow, from inside out.

Want skin that’s free from acne, pigmentation or redness?

Skin that lines and wrinkles won’t dare to blemish?

Want to feel comfortable in that skin, at last?

You’ve come to the right place.

Ready, Set, Glow!

Want to know more?

Call the Skin Wellness Academy for free – in just 15 minutes we’ll talk you through how to get the skin of your dreams.

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“8 Steps To Transforming Your Skin”

And Finally Be Confident With Beautiful, Healthy, and Glowing Skin!

A picture speaks a thousand words – see the results for yourself.


“I thought washing your face daily and eating good food was enough to keep the skin healthy, but working with Kim made me realize that it is also very important that you utilize the right products and to protect your skin at all times. I have seen Kim help customers gain their confidence and self-esteem as she guides you with her HONEST, sincere and friendly attitude towards your skin condition. You can see the passion that she possess.. This is her craft, this is for real. Its very obvious as I look at myself in the mirror.. Thank you Kim! :)”

Aniana Fergarida

Say hello to the new you

Our Skin Transformation System is tailored to your skin issues and your lifestyle. Starting with a consultation and assessment, we’ll recommend nutrition plans, beauty routines and the best products for your very individual skin. Gain access to worldwide workshops, transform yourself on one of our very special retreats and take the first step towards your new, glowing self!


“Really appreciated your time to sit down with me and talk about skin issues that troubled me. It helped me form a better picture of my overall health and so I was able to make a plan of action.”

Casandra Postema


“I havent ever had bad skin, but also never great skin. since receiving advice from kim and using recommended products, i have had people tell me that my skin is glowing and all want to know what i use! its also the first time i have been comfortable in going without makeup. i am literally comfortable in my own skin.”

Diana Malcomess

Perfect skin – that’s the dream, right?
Now imagine if it was the reality…


For the past 15 years, the team at Skin Wellness Academy has helped thousands of women to
transform their skin.
And we can help you, too.

Kim Le Sambolec

About Kim

Hi, I’m Kim – skin specialist, beauty columnist and founder of Skin Wellness Academy. I’m here to educate and empower people to transform their skin – and their lives – starting from within.

My 15 years of industry experience have shown me that skin issues are not just of a cosmetic nature. They go much deeper, and are greatly affected by lifestyle and environment. Drawing on my dermal and beauty therapy training, my background in Psychology and my own personal experience, I help clients to find the root cause of their skin issues. My team’s holistic approach enables transformation from within, so clients can feel great on the inside – and radiate health on the outside.

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