Nowadays, it’s pretty common to include a supplement or two into your daily diet. This is particularly important if you’re not getting certain vitamins in your system from your environment, routine or foods (e.g. adding vitamin D because you don’t get enough sunlight where you live). And of course, looking at the current state of the food available to us in the marketplace, the need to include a supplement is becoming increasingly important. Here’s why.

Why you should consider taking supplements seriously

It’s widely known that the quality of our food is not what it used to be. Considering the plethora of pesticides covering many of these foods daily, and the fact that so many foods are now processed in one way or another, it’s no surprise that we are losing some of the important nutrients from them. So adding these nutrients into our system through supplementation becomes a necessity.

Since the nutrients within the supplements are concentrated in one single dose, they are certainly a cost-effective way to keep yourself healthy. And you are also armed with the knowledge of exactly how much of each type of nutrient you’re taking into your body, instead of wondering and weighing food to calculate it.

You can also use the supplements as a way to restore balance within your body, especially if you take some medications that will greatly reduce important nutrients in your body.

For example, while taking antibiotics can reduce the number of bad bacteria (linked with gut imbalance and affecting the immune system), the medication can also greatly diminish the number of good bacteria inside the gut, further throwing out the balance. For that, you need to add a probiotic supplement on top of taking those antibiotics to restore the balance of good bacteria once again.

As a skin specialist and a health advocate, I personally love this range from Miss Vitality; they have a wide range of supplements, from daily use supplements to supplements for particular areas. There is even a kit package that you can choose depending on your needs. Each product is formulated especially for women, and in such ways that it covers everything that your body needs in one capsule (and the packaging is pretty as well!).



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