Skincare is the word that conjures a lot of ideas, perspectives, and new discoveries with the goal of taking care of the skin, and keeping it healthy as much as possible. Indeed the skincare market is huge and not to mention the trend has changed dramatically over the last five years. But do we really know what skincare is all about? Here’s an in-depth coverage about the topic, read on to find out more.

What Skincare Really Means To You?

When we talk about skincare, one of the issues is the products that we are using and it’s simply not limited to cleanser, toner, and moisturizer (or the latest trend of Korean 10-step skincare routine for that matter). We are talking about essential products that are formulated in such a way that it is compatible with your skin type, solving any skin issues that you have effectively, as well as encouraging the skin’s internal function – cellular turnover, collagen production, metabolic functions, as well as blood circulation.

After all, nowadays the environment is not like it used to, creating a not so good foundation for our skin to get exposed to namely ambient air pollution, increased environmental temperature (causing huge change to humidity and wind), and – of course – the sun, where UV rays penetrate the skin and oxidizes the cell, creating free radicals that cause damages at cellular level and speeding up premature aging.

We recommend O Cosmedics as this remarkable brand offers medical-grade skincare products using high-quality key ingredients that will work well with your skin.

Another aspect that we need to consider when it comes to skincare is the foods that we eat on a daily basis. Long ago when we only rely products to take care of our skin, the awareness of how we consume internally that it reflects externally also plays a role and we know more than ever the foods that we need to eat to ensure that our skin stays strong, healthy, and youthful – adequately termed as skin-friendly foods.

And what skin-friendly foods you may ask? For a start, a diet consisting of organic, fresh foods that are straight from the source (organic is emphasized for your skin as the chemicals used in farming practices can get into the body). generally, foods that are high in nutrients – namely vitamins, minerals, and antioxidants – are essential in aiding repair at the cellular level, neutralizing free radicals and reducing oxidative stress, and healing inflammations.

Such foods include citrus fruits, red and/or orange-colored vegetables, healthy fats, eggs, salmons and sardines are just some of the foods that are proven to enliven your skin from within.

What About Supplements?

Considering today’s pace that is always on the go, it’s more than likely that we don’t get adequate nutrition as we hoped for, to ensure the health of our skin. Coupled with the lifestyle that basically generates stress, in just a short time you can see the effects on your skin (dark circles, anyone?). A multivitamin is always a good start, or you can get a more specific kind of supplement, depending on the skin goals you’re looking for.

Miss Vitality ( is all about delivering high impact nutrition for your skin by combining nature’s treasure and science to rejuvenate the skin. Some of the products that we highly recommend – Curcumin Forte Anti-Inflammatory for efficient detoxification, Regul 8 for detox focusing at your digestive system, as well as Clean and Glow tea for calming the mind and aiding deep cleansing within the system.

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