“If you don’t take care of your skin, where are you going to live”

Love working with Kim as she’s extremely knowledgable and up to date with what’s currently happening in the skincare world. I recently purchased a newly released Vitamin C serum that has brightened and evened my skin tone in just a few short weeks! No need to go anywhere else for skin care, I’ve found my guru!

Lisa Odell

“I’m so happy to have found Kim.
She’s been a valuable resource for all my skincare needs. Her careful and vetting process and knowledgeable guidance have given my skin a new boost. So happy to have found her!”

Misty Mahuika Stanley

I went to Kim’s talk on “Understanding Your Skin” where she spoke about and explained why skin can be dehydrated and what the signs are of dehydration. She had some excellent tips for several ways to keep your skin hydrated and looking great, as well as gave out some complementary product to try. Great follow-up too that I wasn’t even expecting, when she later made some videos showing how best to use the free product!

Michele Wisla

To treat my recurrent eczema that’s gotten progressively worse in recent years, Skin Wellness Academy recommended a treatment regimen of a daily 8-strain probiotic (30 billion CFU) plus a pharmaceutical grade omega-800 1000mg fish oil pill.

After about 1 month of treatment (now on month 3), I’m happy to say that my eczema flare-ups are nearly non-existent! This result comes after having seen several doctors over the years, none of whom could recommend anything more than expensive topical ointments that covered up the problem to varying degrees but never actually targeted the underlying problem.

Thanks again to Skin Wellness Academy for her help, and would highly recommend her to anyone suffering the same kinds of eczema flare-ups that I have!

Crystal Domingue

Thank you Skin Wellness Academy for your expert ‘edit’ on my skin care routine and for directing me to the most suitable and carefully vetted treatment providers within your exclusive network of clinics. Kim has worked passionately with me on both prevention and corrective solutions at home, armed me with the right tools and educated me on products and formulations and overall science behind maintaining good skin. She is after all only about results! Thank you!

Jennifer Barba

When I heard that Kim was a skin specialist, my initial thought was “oh another dermatologist whom I’ve seen many times before and couldn’t help me”! I went along to Kim’s talk and then I realised that her knowledge is far more than that. She actually understands the skin and advises on treating the cause from the inside and out, and not just treating the symptoms. I did warn her before our first consultation that she would probably find my skin the most challenging. And I think so far I have lived up to expectations!

So I have chronic eczema and have suffered from sun, heat, dust and touch sensitivity all my life. The smallest thing can flare it up, make it go red hot, dry up and then go flaky and peel and it can take 2 weeks for it to calm down but just a day for it to flare up again….so changing skincare is a big deal.

Kim has been advising me closely on the products to use and what to do on a daily basis. I have been sending her daily photos of my skin and she will give her opinion on what she thinks, what products to lay off and what to try next. So far, my skin is very much work in progress but I feel like it’s on the right track.

The service I have received from Kim however is second to none. She is like my own private consultant even though she has loads of clients! Couldn’t recommend her highly enough.

Amy Wong

I struggled with skincare my entire life, from cystic acne due to PCOS to what turned out to be intestinal issues which went undiagnosed for years!

Kim was truly a blessing to me, especially in HK, where I had a hard time finding the “clinical” types of treatments which were readily available back in the US. Kim was incredibly knowledgeable on the scientific level, her product recommendations are fantastic, and the courses of action and treatments recommended to me literally changed my life. It was through my relationship with Kim that I found a doctor and a clinic which helped me both internally (for the long term) and externally for the superficial aspect. My acne is now at bay, my skin looks younger, more refreshed, more even toned, less red, less sun spots and i am officially addicted to chemical peels! If you could see my before pictures you would not believe the transformation — but please, just trust me on this!

Kim, you are fantastic. Problematic skin can be defeating at times, even heart breaking! Thank you for helping me through my issues which allowed me to regain my confidence and feel pretty once again!

Danielle Cetani

Kim listened & understood well my skin concerns. She guided me on suitable products and diligently touched based regularly to check on my progress – I truly appreciate her dedication and true passion in helping my skin reach its optimum. Within a week, I saw my skin transforming with more smoothness and glow. I can’t wait to see more improvements after extended use as well as try out the other hot new exciting products she will be launching.

Melissa Leow

Skin Wellness Academy is a one stop shop for all of your skin care needs. Kim has in-depth medical knowledge about skin down to a cellular level, so she can help to improve your skin and certainly – from my own experience and results – help to reverse the visible effects of ageing and lifestyle on skin. I’ve referred many friends to her and each one if their protocols is different, so expect a tailor made system for your skin. Kim sources the best practitioners in HK to help with anything from peels to Botox and the prices are very reasonable. I highly recommend this business!

Tup Loke

I’ve been a happy customer of Skin Wellness Acdemy for around three years now.

I went through multiple skin ranges, doctors visits and antibiotics, but they all failed to provide long lasting results.

Kim has been amazing in providing me with the correct products and information that I need to properly take care of my skin.

Not only does my skin feel healthy and balanced, but my confidence levels have improved greatly.

I highly recommend her services! You will be delighted with the results…I know I am.

Amy Pennacchini

Taking care of my skin has always been a huge priority for me since my teens, and despite two decades of getting regular deep-cleansing facials, and buying countless cutting-edge products over the years from brands like Dermologica, Philosophy, Peter Thomas Roth etc, I never really noticed a drastic difference in my skin texture and pigmentation issues, which is why I kept bouncing from brand to brand based on whatever was marketed to me.

This changed two years ago when I met Kim.

She explained to me that I was aimlessly spending thousands of dollars (and hours in Sephora!) on expensive products that have minimal (if any) active ingredients because they are sold over the counter. In order to target my specific issues, I needed to use clinical skincare with a higher percentage of glycolic acid and retinol, which I have never used before and never knew I needed.

Within the first couple weeks of using the products that Kim introduced me to, Kim would follow up with me every 3 days to see how my skin was adjusting to the skincare, if it was dry or flaky etc and based on that, if I needed to increase or decrease the amount of product I was using. Turns out, my skin reacted beautifully with the targeted creams and serums, specifically the retinol, which has been a godsend for my melasma.

Because of this, I haven’t had a facial since 2016. In my current daily regimen, I am actively exfoliating with the right ingredients, and therefore I don’t suffer the kind of congestion that I used to. I’m also protecting my skin better than I have before ( I would turn away from anything over SPF 30 because I never liked the thick consistency of moisturizer/sunscreens until I started using the amazingly light SPF 50 product that Kim put me on).

It’s amazing to me how many years I spent using the wrong products in the wrong ways/combinations, and how invaluable it was to have an expert make a specific skin plan for me and guide me through it while my skin adjusted. Thank you so much Kim for showing me how to finally take care of my skin properly with products that actually work for me, and for setting me in the right direction for effective treatment and prevention.

Divya Uttamchandani

Just wanted to give a big shout-out of thanks to Kim for her education and guidance. Started going on this new regime prescribed by Kim about 3 weeks ago, after she clearly and patiently explained my eczema condition to me, and also how skin physiology worked, and how different ingredients in different products can do harm or help the situation. After only 3 weeks, I have had 2 people tell me they had never seen my skin so nice, which made me very happy. The best thing is, I used to be so conscious of how i looked in pictures that I would never post nor share without putting my pics through filters like BeautyCam or apps like that. Starting from about a week or more ago, I noticed that I started to be confident enough to post without filtering anymore! Woo hoo! There is still a long way to go as we are undoing decades of skin damage; can’t be done in a few weeks, but so far so good, Kim Le Sambolec, thank you so much, I look forward to one day loving my skin!


Kim is very thorough and attentive. I don’t have any specific skincare concerns but never knew what products to use. Kim is very patient and good at educating you! I am very happy with her advice and the products she has suggested. It’s all very interesting and educational and I feel motivated to stick with the regime she has given me. You don’t have to have skin problems to benefit from her expertise.

Blair Dunton

Kim has been taking care of all my skincare needs for the last 4 years and she’s now my go to guru for all things skincare. Whether it’s lightening up my freckles, preventing pimples, clearing blackheads, treating pimple scars where I’ve been impatient or general anti-ageing and skin tightening, Kim always provides me with the best advice for my skin and my lifestyle. The fact that she can provide unbiased advice that isn’t tied to one skincare provider or clinic is amazing because it means that I have a skincare regime that is fit just for me, using the best products and best clinical treatments for each particular skincare need I have. Thank you for always looking after me Kim!

Prisca So-young

A proper skin coach like Kim is just what I have been looking for all my life! Because we have no clear guidelines, and it is all based on other people’s opinion and sadly the marketing techniques of the bigger brands……

Very disappointed of my Clinique products now… Their ingredient list containing petroleum derivates was definetly not what I expected!

Going to start with my new skin routine asap!

Elizabeth Rasmussen

Nice to have Kim recommend botanical and plant based products which help clarify and hydrate the skin so well. Thank you Kim, for helping me manoeuvre so many choices , with the right ones for my needs!

Piya Forsythe

Until I met Kim I thought that my skin looked wrinckled and old for my age, because of Iiving abroad in all kind of climate conditions for many years. But Kim has proven me wrong. Thanks to her guideness and skin care products, I look and feel so much better! I honestly get compliments every day and I’ve just started using these products… That really motivates me to live a healthy life and to stick to my daily routine of taking care of myself inside and outside. Thank you so much, Kim! <3

Marijke Tops

Kim has an extensive knowledge about skin and supplements too. Her recommendation on Omega 3 with right amount of dose for me has really helped to reduce inflammation on joints , thus improving my overall health! Now I am free of any kinds of medications. Thank you so much !

Manisha Gurung

I am so thankful to have met Kim. She understands skin better than any dermatologists that I have seen. I wish I have met her earlier instead of wasted money on lots of products that didn’t work because the beautician/dermatologist treats my skin by generalizing the symptoms and not my skin condition. When I finally met Kim for my first consultation, she explained skin to me in a whole new level by stripping it layer by layer and what it does. That’s when I finally understandwhy I have been living with acne since my teenage years. Yes! Took me so long to realize this after having two kids and struggling to cover my face with any foundation because of the acne (the struggle is real when I want it so badly to have good skin and look good when I go out with my hubs and kids). Kim prescribed a range of day and night serum, retinol A, a face scrub, a good sunblock and a night cream. That’s all… it’s just that simple and my face is recovering so well. Pores are smaller and skin is glowing, and now I only get occasional acne/pimples. Recently I bought a foundation from Kim and IT IS AMAZING! I’ll strongly recommend anyone to see Kim and get started. She is a beautiful woman, mummy and ever so friendly and helpful. � Thank you Kim.

Sherlyn Chong Sparrow

Looking for the right skincare range for myself has been difficult as I always relied on my friends’ recommendations or t.v commercials. My skin has always been reasonably healthy and fortunately i have not experienced any major skin issues. The older I got, the more concerns I had as I wanted to know if I was using the right products for me but such information was not available.

Speaking to Kim was absolutely refreshing as she was able to explain the ins-and-outs of skin (literally she is the encyclopedia for skin). During the consultation, Kim showed me various products that would be suitable for my skin and further explained why they would work for me. She also was able to tell me why certain areas were always congested with white heads or, why I had pigment marks around my cheek areas. I learnt that I should not rely on one particular skincare brand because everyone’s skin is unique with different needs. As part of the consultation, she introduced me to a new skin routine both morning and night. After the consultation, I was extremely happy as I had a better understanding of my skin and its needs.

I do recommend Kim’s services as she is dedicated in making sure that your skin is at its BEST. She is a friend for life!!!

Jade Hoang

With the influence of social media and constant bombardment of skincare adverts claiming all sorts of miracles, it’s easy to feel lost and confused. I decided to seek an expert opinion and I’m so glad that I did. Kim has been a breath of fresh air. Her approach to skincare is honest and she is great at explaining the underlying causes of symptoms. After several months of following the skin care plan she laid out for me, I have noticed a remarkable improvement. Thank you Kim! So comforting to know I am finally on the right track and not wasting money on unreliable products with terrible ingredients.

Eleni Gardiner

I have never taken good care of my skin before I met Kim at Skin Wellness Academy. I have used some random cleansing products but never really cared or knew what I was doing. After I turned 40 I started to get self-conscious about my face, especially when wearing no make-up I noticed puffiness under my eyes and that my pores looked dirty.

Kim taught me briefly about the skin and what my skin needs, and recommended products for me to use. After only a few weeks my whole face felt fresher and softer, and some months later I could also visually see the improvement when watching myself in the mirror in the morning.

I am really thankful that I met her and if you are wondering what to do about your skin, Kim is the woman to go to!

Maria Rygge

Kim cares and thinks for her clients like herself! She is honest and thorough in evaluating risks for her client prior to treatment, leverages her expertise to decide the best series of treatments including maintenance care, caring and attentive during the treatment when she’s literally holding your hand, and diligent in exactly how to care for after treatment for quickest recovery with best results! I’ve gotten so many unsolicited complements just after one treatment, thanks to Kim!

Leah Liu

Really appreciated your time to sit down with me and talk about skin issues that troubled me. It helped me form a better picture of my overall health and so I was able to make a plan of action.

Casandra Postema

I havent ever had bad skin, but also never great skin. since receiving advice from kim and using recommended products, i have had people tell me that my skin is glowing and all want to know what i use! its also the first time i have been comfortable in going without makeup. i am literally comfortable in my own skin.

Diana Malcomess

I thought washing your face daily and eating good food was enough to keep the skin healthy, but working with Kim made me realize that it is also very important that you utilize the right products and to protect your skin at all times. I have seen Kim help customers gain their confidence and self-esteem as she guides you with her HONEST, sincere and friendly attitude towards your skin condition. You can see the passion that she possess.. This is her craft, this is for real. Its very obvious as I look at myself in the mirror.. Thank you Kim! 🙂

Aniana Fergarida

After debating cosmetic treatment for sometime, I was introduced to Kim 3 years ago. From the very first consultation I realised that I was dealing with a true professional who was very friendly and informative and explained in depth of what to expect and the benefits of using various treatments for achieving and preventing anti-aging. Kim immediately put me at ease with her in depth explanations to my many questions. I have been seeking advice from Kim for 3 years now and would highly recommend her and often do.

Catherine Cummerfield