Introducing: The Skin Transformation System

We’ve spent 14 years developing our system to meet clients’ individual needs. After all, your skin is unique to you. It tells a different story to anyone else and it deserves a personalised treatment!

That’s why our system is catered to your skin, your history and your lifestyle. We’ll work with you on a range of internal and external factors for the best possible results – and we’ll show you how to keep seeing great results, for the rest of your life.

5 steps to a healthier, happier you…

Step 1: Paint a picture

(Not literally. Unless you want to.) We’ll arrange an online or over-the-phone consultation to get to know you a little better – your lifestyle, your habits and your diet – basically, showing us some of the daily factors that could affect your skin. We’ll also ask you about your history, perhaps revealing any emotional or mental factors that could be causing stress on your nervous system,creating hormonal imbalances, and resulting in skin issues.

Step 2: Deal with the internal

This stage is two-fold.

We provide nutritional advice and diet plans to ensure you’re putting the best food into your body depending on your skin type. Imagine the skin is like a car – you need to give it the right fuel for it to function properly!

Of course, we understand you have to live like a real human being and that your diet isn’t going to be “perfect”, 100% of the time. By all means, indulge yourself when you feel like it!

But we’ll show you the difference between mindlessly eating food that’s bad for you, which will affect your overall health and of course, your skin, and making a conscious choice to eat that bit of chocolate or have that glass of wine when you want. The key is to not beat yourself up about it, as the resulting stress might actually be worse that the thing itself!

The next stage is based around mental health.

Using the knowledge we’ve gained from Step 1, we’ll offer tools and techniques to help you face some current or past issues, to unblock any stagnant energy that might be affecting your health and to enable you to feel like your best self, starting from within. Meditation, yoga, self-reflection, self-love – it’s all a crucial part of the journey towards transformation.

Step 3: Optimise the external

Your health – and your skin – can also be affected by your environment. So if you live in a noisy, polluted city, or in a hot and dusty climate or in sub-zero temperatures… how do you deal with that?

Think of these external factors creating a kind of hunger in your skin. And skincare products are like the food that feeds each cell, filling your skin with the nourishment it needs.

Your skincare products should differ depending on your unique circumstances. So we’ll recommend what’s best for you to use, at whatever stage you’re at in life.

Note: This is a really interesting stage as often clients will have been using a great product without seeing any progress. This is usually because they’re not using the product properly – for instance, they continue with the same amount even after their dry skin starts to clear, and they suddenly verge into oily territory. So not only do we advise on the best products to use, we’ll show you how to adapt your usage throughout your skincare journey.

Step 4: Create a routine

Not the organised type? A little scatterbrained when it comes to any kind of routine, especially in relation to your skincare? Then it sounds like you could really do with our help!

We’ll painstakingly create the best skincare regime for you: what products to use, when to use them and how much of them to use. Stick to our plan and you’re guaranteed to see amazing results – results that will make even the most free-spirited ladies crave routine!

Step 5: Join the Webinar Skin Transition Program 

This is the final and perhaps most important part of our system. Because it’s where we pull all the factors, all the learnings and all the goals together and put them into practice. We’ll help you to integrate everything as you go along. With close contact with us, you can continue to understand your skin and body and transform your life. 

These regular weekly Webinar Calls are exclusive only to our tight community of clients.

It involves breaking habits, changing long-held patterns and forming new ones. It isn’t easy doing all on your own – so that’s why we’re here to help you, every step of the way.

You’ll learn how to incorporate the principles of skincare into your life after the program.

Knowing how different food can affect it, how stress or tension can manifest itself and how to recognise when something needs your attention. Basically, you’ll learn how to understand your skin and body, to manage and respect it – and this knowledge can prevent it getting out of hand again.

Ready to transform your life?

Ready to be the most beautiful version of you?
You’ll get out of the Skin Transformation System what you put in: so if you want results, you need to be committed!
A willingness to change and to grow, plus the dedication to do so, is all we ask.
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