It’s no secret that the food we eat can improve and maintain our health. In fact, this is backed by countless studies showing that our dietary habits greatly influence our health and longterm health risks. Where certain food groups increase health issues, others offer protective and medicinal qualities. 

Vitamins and minerals are the nutrients that our body needs on a daily basis for various biological processes to repair, strengthen, and optimize our bodily functions for it to work optimally.

These micronutrient dense foods aren’t needed in mass quantity, but to remove them from your diet can lead to a number of issues, from tiny…to fatal. For examples, a lack of Vitamin C on a regular basis can place your health at risk, leaving you vulnerable against immune disorders and even cancer. 

The core reason how these foods can be our natural medicine

The Human Genome Project has theorized that our genes themselves, do not create disease; the disease occurs when they enter a harmful environment which can be created from poor nutrition, living in polluted environments etc. These factors give rise to the disease. 

Another study (known as Nutrigenomics) shows how different food groups can interact with specific genes in our body to alter and adjust the risk of common diseases such as obesity, high blood pressure, cardiovascular diseases, and even certain cancers. 

For example, one food group consisting of antioxidants shows that it lowers the risk of such diseases (in their experiment, testing subjects that have Type II diabetes), while the opposite (highly processed food, sugary drinks, and refined grains) increased it. 

Consuming these types of foods on a daily basis can place you at an elevated risk (as high as 12%) for getting cancer.

What you can do to use food as natural medicine

There are far too many diets out there for me to list here…it would be confusing, not to mention lengthy…

So a golden rule to follow is to simply include foods that cover all of the food groups and are as natural and unprocessed as possible. 

Eat these foods in raw, form whenever possible (in the form of salads, juice, or smoothies) so the nutrients contained in the foods are intact, as cooking at high temperature can ‘vaporize’ essential vitamins and minerals (of course, the same can’t be said for poultry and fish!). Consuming healthy foods really can be your a natural protection and medicine for your health.



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