How it began…

Born in a small village in the Mekong Delta, brought to an Indonesian refugee camp at just 4 years old and subsequently moved to Australia, my younger self endured a lot. Which manifested itself into severe skin breakouts and other illnesses in my adult life. And it’s only when I began to heal myself from within that the real shift happened.

I cleaned up my diet, I brought self-reflection and meditation into my life and and I addressed my long-repressed emotions. Once I combined these internal factors with external factors like taking care of my skin and my environment, the transformation was complete.

Friends began to remark about my incredible skin, that it was like I glowed – me, the person who’d battled with cystic acne! – all because I’d healed myself from inside out.

I’m certain that I suffered in the past for a reason. It gave me the experience and the knowledge necessary to get to this point; of helping others to transform like I did.

Why am I here?

My goal is to empower women with skin issues and low self-esteem, so they never have to go through the years of physical and emotional pain that I did. To help those insecure, wounded and confused teenagers who only want to be loved and accepted – not to be asked if they’re contagious!

To support anyone who’s battling with outward marks and inward wounds.

Because although I know that true beauty starts on the inside, I still believe that looking good on the outside affects how we feel and face the world.

I also believe that skin issues are the physical manifestation of a much deeper problem; that the skin holds our emotions and that we wear the scars from our lives. For years, I remained greatly affected by that ex’s cruel words and by the shame of feeling like I caused my mother’s own acne (through her worry for me).

But since learning to let that go and to heal myself from within, I’ve never felt – or looked – better!

After all, the skin is our biggest organ.

So if we feed it the wrong foods or put it through undue stress, of course it’s going to fail us!

That’s another reason why I’m here: to educate women on how to get this very valuable organ working properly. How to appreciate and love the skin they’re in. How to heal the internal scars (emotional, mental, nutritional) and the external scars (environmental, physical, cosmetic). And how to pass on the knowledge they’ve learned to future generations.

My program uses a holistic approach – combining psychology, dermatology and nutrition – to help women reveal their full, beautiful potential.

Why trust me?

I could give you the full CV. About my extensive education in Health Science, Dermal Therapy, Beauty Therapy, Nutrition, Psychology… the list goes on. About the clinics I’ve worked in, from Sydney to Dubai to Hong Kong, over the past 15 years. About the huge range of products and skin rejuvenation devices that I’ve researched tirelessly and am trained to use.

About my continued education in Psychodermatology, the Gut-Brain Connection and whatever other new studies emerge – I’m insatiable in my research!

But the biggest reason for putting your trust in me is that fact that I’ve been there. The trauma in my life manifested itself into a severe skin condition, and to a sudden health scare that nearly left me paralysed.

Fortunately, I managed to turn it all around. And later, with the help of my team, I developed the Skin Transformation System so other women don’t have to struggle like I did. Since then, I’ve helped clients all over the world – and I’ve continued to see how addressing certain internal and external factors allows true transformation to occur.

So whether you’ve always experienced skin issues or it’s a recent thing, guaranteed there’s a deeper reason involved. I can help you to uncover that reason and, what’s more, to resolve it.